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What is Zumba?

It’s the latest craze that has all the A-list Hollywood celebrities shaking their booty and dropping pounds and inches! Our instructor here at SOS Club has her own success story with Zumba- she has lost 40 pounds!!!

No matter your age, shape, physical condition or previous dance experience, anyone can Zumba®!  During this 1 hour high energy cardio class, you will dance to Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and many other international dances from around the world. Zumba® Fitness utilizes the principles of fitness interval training to maximize caloric output and fat burning. It is a mixture of fitness movements with easy to follow dance steps, burning anywhere from 400-1000 calories in an hour!

Come join the hottest dance and exercise craze sweeping the nation!


Licensed Zumba® Fitness Instructor Susan Mize

Saturday Mornings – 9:00 am **Beginning 1/4/2014


**Non Members are welcome $5 per class


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August 2014 (click here)

Upcoming Events

August 15,Speaker Night
August 22 Chicken BBQ
August 22 Hot August Nights
August 30 SOS@Modesto Nuts Baseball
September 19 Fiesta Night Dinner
September 26 Clive Riddle Speaks





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